Smile Design - Dental Clinic New Thippasandra

Smile design improves your appearance by enhancing your smile. Smile will not be pleasing if any of the factors that determine the aesthetics of smile go beyond proportion. So how do you know if you are the right candidate for smile design treatment?

If you have very big/long or small/short teeth, the looks can be certainly improved by various cosmetic dental procedures.

Discrepancy between tooth size and jaw size can be severe at times. This may be either manifested either as spaces between teeth or as rotated or crowding of teeth. Sometimes, tooth may erupt out of arch and create a bad appearance. In such cases, a collaboration of various procedures will remediate the situation.

The inclination of your teeth determines your smile to a great extent. If you have proclined or retroclined teeth, they can be corrected to improve the appearance and the balance between the oral tissues.

When you smile, if your gums are receded, the smile may not be nice. Overlapped teeth, rotated or twisted teeth can be made straight and the looks can be improved. This is done either using orthodontic correction, or by means of dental veneers.

It is not uncommon to see mottling of enamel or enamel chipped off creating a yellow or brown discoloration of the teeth. In mottling, the outer layer or the enamel is affected badly so that the second layer, dentin is exposed. The color of dentin ranges from yellow to brown. This is easily displayed through the enamel when it is thinned or chipped off.

Unsightly color is displayed also when the top layer enamel is abraded to a great extent. This occurs when you use hard tooth brush and brush vigorously, or even when you use tooth pastes or powder containing more abrasives. Intake of acidic stuff will also decrease the thickness of enamel.Thinning of the enamel is also an issue associated with disorders like anorexia nervosa, severe acidity and some genetic disorders. In these cases, it would be ideal to protect the teeth from further damage by appropriate dental treatment.

Smile should be a nice curve that adds a shine to the appearance of an individual. Wearing out of teeth may even render a reverse smile curve which is not so pleasing. In Vcare32, we design the smile curve in such a way to enhance your looks.
In short, most of the problems related to appearance and smile can be corrected efficiently using cosmetic dental procedures and teeth can be made bright and white to boost the smile.