Professional Teeth Whitening in Bangalore

Whitening of Discolored Teeth :

We do plenty fo teeth whitening cases in VCare32 dental clinic. In most of the cases without severe discoloration, in-office teeth whitening would suffice. In-office teeth whitening is done in the dental office under the direct supervision of the dentist. This is the safest method of whitening the teeth. The dentist will use protective barriers to cover your gums before applying the bleaching agent.However, in overtly disoclored cases, further whitening using the home based system is highly recommended. We make the trays for you so that you can use it at home according to your requirement.

How Teeth Whitening is Done?

Professional teeth whitening is a 1 hour procedure for which prior appointment is always required. Your teeth will be cleaned and polished before applying the whitening product. The gums and soft tissues are protected from the undesirable effects of the whitening chemical before applying it over the teeth surfaces. Multiple applications may be needed for severely discolored cases and in an hour you can leave our office.

Here, in VCare32, we use reputed and trusted teeth whitening products which are safe to be applied over the teeth and gums. Moreover, the postoperative sensitivity of teeth can also be eliminated by using quality products, especially when it is done with care and attention.

safe teeth whitening



How long will the results last?

Results of teeth whitening will last for up to three years. Your tooth color will become many shades whiter in a span of one hour. After the bleaching, to ensure long lasting results, you need to be careful to restrict the intake of those food items that will stain the teeth.
So, be ready to acquire that bright white smile with teeth whitening!

When do you need teeth whitening?

Dark teeth or yellow teeth can occur due to many reasons. For elderly, due to the gradual process of stain accumulation and attrition of the enamel, teeth will lose the whiteness. Many food items like tea, coffee and other drinks are notorious to produce stubborn staining of the teeth. Use of tobacco and related products too diminishes the natural luster and whiteness of enamel and even cause decalcified areas and unsightly pigmentation. The extrinsic stains may gradually get incorporated inside the tooth structure.

teeth whitening Apart from the above mentioned reasons, teeth discoloration is also caused by decay or dental caries. Neglecting god oral hygiene practices results in the buildup of calculus and stains which is hard to remove at a later stage.

Extrinsic stains can be removed by the professional scaling and polishing. But the internal stains and pigmentation due to the side effects of some drugs will not change with the dental cleaning. Or such cases, we do the dental bleaching or in other words, the teeth whitening procedure. It may take one or more sittings depending upon the extent of discoloration of the teeth.

Is it safe to do teeth whitening ?

Most of the teeth whitening products contain either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The oxygen released from these chemicals will act with the discolored tooth structure to make it whiter.The materials are quite safe to be used on the teeth if they are applied carefully. Self application of whitening kits at home is the usual cause of tissue burns.

To gain the benefits of safe teeth whitening, always do it in the dentist's office or use the trays that are fabricated by the dentist

Many methods of whitening the teeth are available in the market today. The dentist will determine if whitening treatment is needed for you and also the best method for you. Even though whitening products are available freely in the market, using such kits without professional supervision will damage the teeth as well as the soft tissues. In many cases, such self treatment results in chemical burns of the gums and sensitive teeth.

We give you the necessary instructions when you use the home based teeth whitening kits. Moreover, the trays are made with maximum care to ensure adequate whitening of the teeth and no damage to the gums. The material used in home based kits differ much in concentration from the in-office systems so that they are absolutely safe.

Is teeth whitening an expensive treatment?

Teeth whitening is not so expensive when compared to other dental treatments. It is done by many people who wish to whiten their smiles. See our treatment charges page for more details.

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